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Welcome to Fu Wei Guidance and Pernilla Gardeberg, ThD

Dr Pernilla Gardeberg, started her company giving spiritual advice in 2005, and has great experience of helping people making better choices and progressing in life since the early -90'ies.

Pernilla has got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Science of Religion, History of Religion and Psychology from Lund University (1997). She has also studied psychology and pedagogy both in Lund and in Kristianstad. Her 10 point essay was a study of A Course in Miracles which was elected to a competion among the best essays at the university. Pernilla was then accepted as a Ph. D student at the Centre for Theology and Religious Studies at Lund University. In december 2010 Pernilla completed her doctor's degree, with her dissertation (download a summary) on the American mystic Helen Schucman and A Course in Miracles.

Pernilla has also got plenty of knowledge in the alternative disciplines and teachings including: Applied Kinesiology & Acu-Feedback, Bach Flower Remedies, Tibetan Buddhism (Lama Pema), Space Clearing (Karen Kingston), Feng Shui, Reiki I & II, True Light and much more.

Pernilla is a vegetarian, non-smoker and to 95 % a non-drinker. She does not drink coffee and has never used any conscious-altering drugs. This ensures a clear vision during spiritual work.

If you are unable to visit Pernilla in her home located outside Kristianstad in southern Sweden she will be happy to send recordings through email worldwide.

Although working on a high spiritual level Pernilla takes pride in in giving down-to-earth advice that really can make a difference. Through the years thousands of people witness that a session with Pernilla brings light, clarity, hope and strength back when it has been lacking. Pernilla also has a soothing voice so just listening to the tapes help people regain their spirit, feel uplifted and empowered.

Pernilla is very intuitive or what you may call clairvoyant when using the tarot. Pernilla uses the big size Thoth deck. Pernilla strongly believes that destiny is not a one-way- street, for ever determined in a fixed way. There may be certain lessons to learn, but if a person is conscious and willing to change, the life-path surely can be altered to the better.

Pernilla is not a fortune-teller, instead she concentrates on the psychology of mind and behaviour. This, however, does not exclude that certain events can be predicted. By knowing a little bit more, you may then be more well equipped to handle things, as they are not taking you by surprise.

Pernilla is not a traditional spiritual medium, and does not work in that way of seeing or receiving spiritualistic messages. However, spirit may well send inner pictures to Pernilla when giving a reading, pictures that often are of special importance, or just a way of saying "This is me, I'm here with you". You may also ask for a specific reading connecting to someone in spirit.

Disclaimer. Even if Pernilla often is right on point, there can be no full guarantees as to the accuracy of the information given when it comes to spiritual readings.

Clients are aways fully responsible for decisions, choices and behaviours in their lives themselves, including how they use the information given through a reading.

All readings should be considered as entertainment only, and if you have medical, financial or juridical questions, recommendations from a suitable licensed professional must always be followed.